About the Project

This project broadly aims to analyze the disputable effects of migration in Romania and more specifically we look at how social change occurs for different ethnic groups. The main focus is on Romanians and Roma, but other ethnic groups will be taken into consideration, such as Hungarians or Germans.

In comparison to Romanians, members of different ethnic minorities had different access to migration after 1989 and we estimate that the effects of migration for these ethnic groups to be different as well, as a consequence of their different socio-economic status at the beginning of their migration experience. We seek to see how this status and the communities have changed and how social remittances contributed.

At the core of the research lies the concept of social remittances (Levitt and Lamba – Nieves 2011), meaning that in addition to money, migrants bring back and transfer to their origin communities new practices and ideas that change these communities. This research will analyze social remittances and the use of financial remittances for different ethnic groups.

The research will aim to analyze how social and financial remittances influence consumption patterns and gender relations; how relations between migrants and homestyers change due to migration, and how migrants’ entrepreneurship emerges. We thus aim to better grasp the relationship between ethnicity, migration, development and social change and to advance the research agenda in the field.

Project`s Main Objectives

RO 1. To research the patterns of migration and social change.

RO 2. To research how the migration-induced social change influences different ethnic groups.

RO 3. To analyze the relationship between patterns of social change and economic development.

Research, Dissemination, and Network Objectives

NDO 1: To establish contacts with researchers and research centers dealing with migration and thus to compare the research methods and results.

NDO 2: To disseminate the projects’ results to the academic and research communities as well as to practitioners and decision-makers.

Project Delivrables

project website, a database with researchers and research centers in Europe, three articles submited to ISI journals, four research reports on migration, social change, ethnicity and development in Romania, one book, and a conference.


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